Privacy Policy

Dec 2, 2018

RazorGulf is proudly owned and operated by RazorGulf LLC.

We use Google Analytics to collect online visitor data to our site. This really helps us to keep our website looking good and to improve our customers’ experience. Cookies aggregate details about your browsing behavior for analytical purposes but don’t collect any personal info or track your activities after you leave a site. Learn more about cookies.

Feel free to change your browser settings to block cookies if you don’t want to be included in our analysis.

Be will never sell or share your data to anyone else for marketing or any other reason. We promise.

Also, when you complete any registration or sign up form, we collect the information you provide and add you to our mailing lists. We follow all spam laws so at any time you wish to opt-out of our mailing lists all you need to do is click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you get from us.

Have more questions? Feel free to call us.